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Northern Utah WebSDR - Server #3

This WebSDR system is located near Corinne, Utah, about 80 miles (94km) north of Salt Lake City and about 14 miles (23km) east of the Golden Spike National Historic Site.

This server covers 2 meters and the bottom 1 MHz of 6 meters - plus the "new" 630 Meter amateur band.  You can read more about these receivers here.

This WebSDR system now offers coverage on all U.S. amateur HF and MF bands - see Latest News for more info.

To invoke this page with a preset frequency and mode, append "/?tune=(freq kHz)(mode)" to the URL and save it as a bookmark as in: http://ip.address/?tune=7200lsb
Check out other WebSDR systems - For the western U.S.:   KFS, Half-Moon Bay, CA and W7RNA, Sedona, AZ.   For the eastern U.S. check out the K3FEF WebSDR in Milford, PA and N5AB WebSDR near Washington, D.C.
More information about the WebSDR project can be found at

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